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Now services your area locally, by appointment.  Located inside regions building, 333 Texas Street, Suite 1300, 71101.  13th floor, let us turn that luck around.  Not a walk in location, please contact us for appointments.
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About us

Help you get going again, Cell phone Repair, and Smartphones and more

Our specialty is fast, quality repairs at affordable prices.  We are experts in repair.  Our techs are the best in the industry and will work with us to get your electronics going again.  We setup a system of support for our customers to get the best repairs,service, and parts brought to them.   We are a Customer Service and Contact Support Center for our Customers, and a lead Generation platform for our Repair Technician Partners.  We closely monitor our Technicians abilities and constantly build a relationship with new technicians and old technicians, to get the best possible repair environments for our customers.

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What we do

Quotes and offers

Quotes over phone, email, Facebook, chat, more.  Get offers for your smartphones and other devices, trade or sell to us.  We also sell devices with a 90 day warranty.

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  • ask us, we might service it or buy or sell it.

diagnostics and Repairs

We are here for you.

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  • software crashes or bugs


We work with the customer and the tech to setup the appointment date and time.

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Work process

Step by step

We want to make it easy for you, so we laid out the steps of our repair process below  If it doesn't make sense you can reach out to us.

Step 1. quote

Quotes are easy and just a few clicks away.  No fees for getting quotes or support.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to find our contact forms.  Give us what kind of device and what kind of issue you need fixed, and we will take care of the rest.  If you only need support or customer service or have questions, chat and our phone lines are just a button away.

Step 2. Approval

Once we receive your request for quote, we will give you a price of the repair parts and labor, you decide if you want to move forward or not, no fee to get a quote-that parts free.  If you approve it and let us know, we will get you a payment link so you can prepay for the repair.  We can also take paypal and other forms of payment if you prefer, but it has to be paid online.  We do this to protect the customer and the technician for escrow payment.  When the tech does the repair successfully they then get paid their commission on the backend.  No worries for the customer.

Step 3. Appointment

Once payment is sent, we will setup the appointment with our technician to come and repair your device on premise, we also have safe public zones we can send them or can send them to your place of employment.  The technician will reach out in our database system, and try to setup a day and time they can repair the device and get it back going and working so you can have your electronic life back.

Step 4. repair and get on with life

We will contact you after the appointment to verify the repair went smoothly, with support and customer service ready if needed.  The technician will also be in close contact.  You can be happy knowing we have your back for the lifetime of the part installed.  Lifetime warranty on all parts, any breakage such as cracks or water damage will void the warranty.  We will always have your data and details of the repair and the part that was installed, and by who so if problems come up, we will setup a new appointment so we can install another good part in place of the bad one.

How we work

customer service is our strong side

We know the repair business and love our customers.  Customer Service is free to everyone by phone, chat, email, and social channels.  We are here and would love to hear from you.


We will help you with your devices and guide you through issues or problems.  Even if you just need help using a app, call us, we will try to help.


Get a price for repair and check service availability in your area.


We want to help.  If you have issues or worries or questions we have answers or will try our best to get them.

electronic life consulting

Whats the best price of used or new smartphones?  What should I use in certain situations?  How can i find good priced used smartphones?  We can answer all that and more.  We can also do buybacks, buy, sell, and trade of smartphones.  

Contact Us

Contact us for any reason.  We have tried to make it easy by having as many as 20 different channels to contact us.  Call, chat, email, and social.

Address 333 Texas Street, suite 1300, Shreveport Louisiana